Thursday, June 08, 2017

Jonah. May 23, 2017.

Sight and Sound Theatres, Lancaster, PA.  (Seat 301GG20, $55)

Act I

  1. Prolog
  2. Jonah's Hometown
  3. God's Call
  4. Jonah Escapes
  5. Jonah on the Run
  6. Joppa Boat Dock
  7. Setting Sail
  8. The Storm

Act II

  1. Under the Waves
  2. In the Belly of the Whale
  3. Spit Out on the Beach
  4. Meanwhile, Back at Gath-Hepher
  5. Nineveh
  6. The Hilltop: East of Nineveh
  7. The Plant: Day 40
  8. The Worm, the Wind, the Sun
  9. Finale

This musical (for lack of a better term) is based on the Book of Jonah.  The story is enhanced with some "background" material to explain the hatred of Jonah towards the people from Nineveh.

There are some rather clever effects that add a certain level of reality to the production.  Fishes and other creatures were brought out during "Under the Waves" to simulate the ocean.  Sometimes the props would be comedic, such as the worm that came out to eat the plant.

There is quite a bit of spoken dialog, and fewer musical numbers than I expected.

Live animals are also part of the show, including several geese that looked surprisingly well-trained.

We saw Moses a couple of years ago,and I thought this isn't as good.  Perhaps the formula is a bit too standard and is not as interesting the second time around.

We were in town for a lunch and dinner meeting, and managed to catch the show in between.

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