Sunday, June 01, 2014

Benefit Concert at the Chinese America Bible Church of New Jersey

CABCNJ, Gibson Place, Freehold, NJ

Ling-Jun Liu
Shane Wu

Our friend Don and Agnes found out about this church and this concert, and I decided to tag along to have a look.  The church uses an old office building, its main sanctuary seats about 150.  Unfortunately for tonight perhaps 30 or so people showed up.  They will tour several local churches, lets hope the attendance ends up being better.

Liu was born in Shanghai, spent some time in Hong Kong, and did her voice training in Taiwan.  She worked mostly as a cabaret singer in the 70s but emigrated to Canada quite early in her career.  She was baptized in 2002 and has since been using her voice as a ministry.  She didn't hesitate to let the audience know that she turned 60 this year.  Shane Wu is a young minister who - per Liu - can sing, can play the piano, and can preach.

The songs sung in the evening were mostly Christian Pop (Chinese), with a couple written by Liu.  She used mostly pre-recorded band accompaniment, with Wu providing piano accompaniment for one of the songs.  This concert was meant to be evangelistic in nature, but I think everyone who attended was already a Christian.

Since Ellie was visiting that evening, and the program started late, I rushed out of there right afterwards.  In exchange for a modest contribution I got a couple of her CDs.

Flyer for the concert.

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